Can my guinea pig get allergies

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can my guinea pig get allergies

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  • Are guinea pigs hypoallergenic?

    A guinea pig sneezing is not all that uncommon. Guinea pigs sneeze as we do, for very similar reasons.

    NOTE: Contrary to the popular beliefs, guinea pig hair does not provoke allergic reactions. Allergens are distributed in your pet’s saliva, urine or secretions from the skin glands. Hair can only transmit those allergens through close contact. Jan 21,  · Most people don't get allergies from guinea pigs but some people get asthma from the guinea pig fur. Some people can be allergic to the seed or bedding but it is very uncommon. Oct 27,  · Two major guinea pig allergens, Cav p I and Cav p II, have been identified [7,8]. Guinea pig dust, dander, fur, urine and saliva have been found to be the more potent extracts when compared to whole pelt, feces, and serum. Inhalant allergens may be derived from material shed from the guinea pig coat after contamination with saliva and by: 4.

    However, occasionally, constant sneezing might occur by a symptom of an underlying problem. And it can be hard to decipher between harmless sneezing and more sinister sneezing.

    Get tested for guinea pig allergies. When you call the allergist to make an appointment, be sure to tell them you want to be tested for guinea pigs as they may need to order the serum. Immunotherapy (allergy shots) for guinea pigs is the best option as successful treatment is a cure rather than treating symptoms with drugs. Allergies To Mini Pigs. Check that you are not allergic to the litter – I use recycled paper litter from pet smart. Get a cheap brand (not clumping cause that’s bad for them) I take Allegra and Zantac everyday. Zantac is for stomach but it has a type of histamine blocker as . Jun 20,  · Staff member. If the nose is getting even a little bit blocked by some hay dust, they can make hooty or crackly noises, which tend to last only a short while and are nothing to wrry about, as they disappear as soon as the nose is clear. Guinea pigs can't breathe through the mouth, unlike us humans.

    Gey cause is very similar to the reason humans sneeze. Simply put, they get something extremely small stuck in their nose and sneezing helps dislodge it. This situation can very easily lead to your guinea pig sneezing.

    However, while all guinea pigs sneeze, continuous or frequent sneezing can sometimes be a cause for concern. Is your guinea pig sneezing a lot? Just like all animals, guinea pigs do have allergies and can have reactions to certain chemicals, allergens, or other particles.

    Just think about human allergies. Sneezing is not at all an uncommon response to pollen or certain chemicals. Consider taking decongestants. They are often sold as nasal sprays, and can typically be acquired without a prescription. Decongestants aren't for everyone.

    How to Reduce Guinea Pig Allergy: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

    They can have serious negative side effects for some individuals, including elevated blood pressure. If you currently have high blood pressure, glaucoma, cardiovascular disease, or an enlarged prostate, do not take decongestants unless your doctor has told you it is safe to do so.

    Use corticosteroid nasal sprays. Corticosteroid nasal sprays are inserted into the nostril, sprayed, and inhaled. This class of medicine is typically administered in low doses and tend to have far fewer side effects than oral corticosteroids.

    If over-the-counter nasal sprays aren't enough, ask your doctor whether prescription-strength corticosteroids might help your symptoms.

    Guinea Pig Sneezing - What to do when your guinea pig sneezes too much

    Use high-efficiency air filters and guijea. If you're experiencing an allergic reaction to guinea pigs in your home, you may find it helpful to use an air filter or purifier.

    can my guinea pig get allergies

    HEPA filters and purifiers have been shown to reduce airborne allergens in some environments. Confine your guinea gulnea in one part of your home. If you or a family member are experiencing guinea pig allergies, make sure your guinea pig is not permitted to roam freely around the house.

    This can help limit or even eliminate exposure to the allergens, which may make it easier to live with a guinea pig in the home for some individuals.

    Guinea Pig Allergies - Am I Allergic To My Guinea Pig?

    The room where you keep your guinea pjg should ideally be uncarpeted for ease of cleaning. Wood, tile, linoleum, or vinyl flooring materials are much mj to clean and will not harbor allergens as a carpet would. Protect yourself from the most common sources of allergens. If you're allergic to guinea pigs, it's important to remember that the protein get for that allergy is mostly found in the animal's saliva and urine.

    However, that protein can be transferred to the guinea pig's coat or skin during pig or passing waste and may be transferred to your skin if you handle the guinea cxn or its bedding. Therefore, the urine, saliva, hair, and skin dander should all be considered potential sources of allergies exposure. Exposure to these can can cause symptoms immediately, or after numerous days, weeks, months, or even years of exposure.

    Mini Pig Allergic Parents: Allergy Symptoms From Mini Pig -

    If you are unable to avoid being around a guinea pig for whatever reason, make sure you avoid contact with these sources of allergens. If contact cannot be avoided, make sure you take protective measures. Get protective equipment when handling your guinea pig. Protective equipment may allow you allergies handle guinea guinea and their bedding or simply be around guinea pigs without experiencing allergic reactions.

    Protective pig may not be enough, though, and can may need to take some type of allergy medication for extra safety.

    What allergies can you get from a guinea pig - Answers

    Gloves and long-sleeved shirts can help reduce your skin contact with guinea pigs, especially while handling the animals themselves or cleaning their cages. Do not wear the long-sleeved shirt you wore while handling your guinea pig for other purposes unless it's been washed since the last time you came into contact with the guinea pig or its bedding.

    Wash your hands after ghinea allergen contact. Any time you've handled a guinea pig, cleaned its enclosure, or handled any materials from inside that enclosure, make sure you wash your hands as soon as possible. The temperature doesn't really matter since the point is to wash away allergens and not germs.

    Apply enough soap to adequately cover both hands with the lather. Work the soap between your hands, between your fingers, on the backs of your hands, and under your fingernails. Apply soap to any other part of your body that may have come in contact with allergens wrists and arms, for example.

    Scrub the soap on your skin for at least 20 seconds. A common way to keep time is by singing or humming the "Happy Birthday" song twice in a row while you scrub your skin.

    can my guinea pig get allergies

    If you've been bitten or scratched by a guinea pig, wash the site of your injury with soap and water for 15 minutes or longer to ensure that get remove the allergens from the wound.

    Written by Cristina Pettinato, Pig Allergies. The best thing to do is to go to an allergist but these are the can that helped me. Always discuss any questions or concerns with your allergy specialist.

    If you have guinea breathing troubles or symptoms, seek medical care immediately. Menu Skip to content. Get pig blood test so you know if and what you are allergic to.

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    • Elliott Emory:

      A guinea pig sneezing is not all that uncommon. Guinea pigs sneeze as we do, for very similar reasons. However, occasionally, constant sneezing might occur by a symptom of an underlying problem.

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      You may not realize it, but guinea pig allergies are actually quite common. The primary source of guinea pig allergens is a protein in the animal's saliva and urine, though that protein can also be transmitted to a guinea pig's hair, skin, and dander.

    • Freddie Fernald:

      In this article we are going to take a look at guinea pig allergies. It is the worst-case scenario. You bring home your new pet, either for yourself or for a family member, only to discover that you are sneezing, itching your eyes, and having allergy symptoms.

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      Allergies To Mini Pigs. Written by Cristina Pettinato, Pig Parent. The best thing to do is to go to an allergist but these are the tips that helped me.

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      Even doctors have a hard time pinpointing. An egg bound bird may also start causes, symptoms, and treatment so you can.

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